A great love for Frankfurt .

Kirstin Krost

At the age of three, Kirsten Krost moved to the “world’s most beautiful micro-metropolis” and since then has only ever left it so that she could come back again. Her love of travelling, of foreign lands and cultures was passed on to her in the cradle from her French grandmother who could cook and sing beautifully. Kirstin used to love strolling through town with her grandmother and already at an early age got to know the most splendid restaurants and places. They would often spend many hours there and even enriched their friends and acquaintances with their ideas and experiences. Together, as teenagers Yvonne and Kirstin discovered the most romantic and the most special places in the city, which is so much more than “just” a platform for business.
After leaving school, Kirstin lived abroad for several years, including USA. France Canada and Thailand. Once back in Frankfurt, she did a course at an international business school and gained her MA in theatre, film and media science at the Goethe University Frankfurt.
Still today she works for international companies, organising congresses, trade fairs and business meetings. In 2016 and with great enthusiasm, Kirstin underwent advanced training to become an “International Tour Guide”. Kirstin feels it is important to enable guests to see the city through her eyes and to experience Frankfurt with all their senses.

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